In the fast-paced world of film production, maintaining set integrity while ensuring cleanliness is paramount. that’s where Flores Cleaning shines. Our team specializes in delivering top-notch cleaning solutions that preserve the essence of your sets and enhance the efficiency of your production process.

our line of services are but not limited to:

Film Shooting – Residential: Homes, Apartments, lofts, high-end mansions, Heritage mansions, etc.
Film Shooting – Commercial businesses: restaurants, bars, hotels, Offices, Government spaces, and offices.
Film Shooting – Street and Alley’s cleaning: Our crew is trained to do needle pick with hazardous sharp containers, disinfect back alleys, garbage pick up, application of deodorant sanitizer after each clean.

We Clean your Set

Preserving Set Integrity:
At Flores Cleaning, we prioritize the preservation of film sets, props, and decorations. Our advanced techniques maintain the set’s integrity without causing any damage.

Efficient Set Redressing:
Recognizing the need for frequent set changes, our skilled cleaners efficiently handle the redressing process. This ensures that sets are seamlessly prepared for new scenes or periods.

Residue-Free Special Effects Removal:
Cleaning special effects residues is a challenge we meet head-on. Our experts use advanced knowledge and tools to safely eliminate residues without impacting the set or equipment.

Wardrobe and Costume Expertise:
Specializing in the care of costumes and wardrobe items, we understand delicate fabrics. Our cleaners provide meticulous cleaning to preserve the quality of these essential elements.

Discretion and Confidentiality:
Acknowledging the sensitive nature of film productions, our professionals uphold strict confidentiality. We work discreetly to protect the privacy of the production and its unreleased content.

Soundstage and Backlot Maintenance:
Large-scale production areas like soundstages and backlots demand special attention. Our cleaners are equipped to handle the unique challenges of these spaces, ensuring cleanliness and safety.

Cleaning in Tight Spaces:
Intricate set designs often result in tight spaces that demand meticulous cleaning. Our skilled cleaners excel at reaching and cleaning these areas effectively.

Production Equipment Care:
Essential production equipment, including cameras, lighting, and sound gear, receives regular, expert cleaning. Our professionals maintain this equipment, extending its lifespan and ensuring optimal performance.

Post-Special Effects Cleanup:
Scenes with special effects can leave behind additional mess and debris. Our cleaners efficiently handle post-effects cleanup, preparing the set for the next shoot.

Wrap-Up Cleaning:
After filming concludes, a thorough wrap-up cleaning is essential to restore the set to its original condition. Flores Cleaning handles this final phase efficiently and effectively.

In the film industry, where attention to detail, efficiency, and set preservation are critical, hiring Flores Clean as your specialized film and production cleaning can contribute significantly to the success of the production while ensuring a clean, safe, and visually appealing set for each scene.